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121 Social Media Training

MASTERCLASS: Tailored Individual Training - Full Day

£1200.00 + VAT

This training day is completely tailored for You and Your business needs.

Enjoy a full day of knowledge and understanding with Naheed Hanif herself at her offices in West London with full access to procedures, processes, tips and tricks used by experts in the field of Social Media.

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121 Social Media Training

HALF DAY: Tailored Individual Training - Half Day

£600.00 + VAT

This training day is very similar to the Masterclass, except it is shrunk to half day and designed to give you a completely tailored session.  This is ideal for those that are already using social media for business and just need the advanced professional touch to complete campaigns.

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Your Daymailto:training@businesstendrils.com?subject=email%20subject

Group Training

Tailored to your organisation and it’s objectives

Please contact for quotation.

Book a group training session at your premises for your team.

This type of training is particularly popular with organisations that would like to ensure their marketing and business development consultants are fully equipped to use social media to create brand awareness and generate leads.

If you are looking to simply understand whether social media can help benefit your business, you may prefer to arrange a session which is tailored for Executives and is half presentation and half training in nature.  This option is great to board level staff who would like to understand the potential and realistic budget allocation required before committing to using social media.

Contact Usmailto:training@businesstendrils.com?subject=email%20subject

Online Training

Train in the comfort of your own home/office - at your own pace.

Online training is very popular for those that would like to arrange an amount of time here and there to fit in some training that is 121 and also in the comfort of their own home.

Using applications such as TeamViewer, you can see your trainer and share the screen both ways to ensure great quality of learning.  Click here to see how it works.

By booking a number of hours, you can arrange slots of either 15 minute, 30 minute or more when you need.  Use for training or for support - at a time that suits you.

Individual and passport contracts are available to help you or your team take advantage of online support where you can see how to do things rather than have to follow instructions.

Packages available in a number of hours that you can spread over three months.

Contact Usmailto:training@businesstendrils.com?subject=email%20subject

Below:  121 Social Media Training - Group Training - Online Training (LiveOnline Packages)

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